Autumn LADY RUNNERS of Tewkesbury Beginners Course Starts on 28th Sept

April 2014 Beginners Course - Week 1 (Apr 28th)
April 2014 Beginners Course - Week 1 (Apr 28th)

Well – its only just over 2 weeks to go before we start our new LADY RUNNERS of Tewkesbury Beginners Running course! The course starts at 9am on Sunday the 28th September 2014.

Please don’t be nervous as most of the existing ladies have all been in your shoes and have done one of our beginners course. We are all her to welcome you and help you become a LADY RUNNER. Our aim is to make it a fun experience for you all.

First session
The first session will start on Sunday 27th april at 9am at Cascades, Oldbury Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 5LR. We will meet you inside Cascades in the reception area.

The car park at Cascades is a pay and display one – even on a sunday morning. However the other car park off Station road is FREE in Sunday mornings so we all tend to park there. There is also a bike rack for those cycling.

There are 2 joining forms to fill in, which we would appreciate you all completing, and bringing with you on the first session. (These are available to download from the home page of our website)

Please bring cash payment of £35 with you to your first session (sorry – we can’t take cheques or cards).

We do go out whatever the weather, so please bring a waterproof jacket just in case it is raining.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of trainers that you wear, as long as they are comfortable. We will talk about running shoes on the course to help you purchase the right ones for you - but there’s no need to rush out and buy any new running shoes for the start of the course.

Any kind of t-shirt/jogging bottoms are fine. There’s no need to go out and buy new kit at this stage. It is important that you do wear a sports bra though, as running without one can be very uncomfortable. We will talk bras on Sunday too – so you can get advise from the exiting Lady Runners (who by the way have all been through one of our Beginners Courses – so are hugely supportive of each new lady that decided to become a Lady Runner).

Please bring a drink with you if you want one. Water is perfect, but please avoid fizzy drinks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us or call/text me on 07967 699585

So on behalf of the leaders Debbie, Julie, Dawn and myself (Maria) and all the Lady Runners of Tewkesbury – we look forward to meeting you all – and promise it will be fun!

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