10% Sports Bra Discount for LADY RUNNERS

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No matter how big or small your boobs are a sports bra is a vital bit of equipment for ‘all’ ladies.

As breast tissue will not bounce back to shape once stretched, its really important you try to minimise the bounce as much as is possible. This will also improve your comfort during a run.

On your behalf we have negotiated a 10% discount with Less Bounce for our members. We have found this company to be very helpful and offer a wide range of sports bras in a very wide range of sizes. Please us the discount code LR10 at the checkout on their website.

Research has shown up to 56% of women experience breast pain when exercising. This is due to the large displacement of the breasts, which in addition to the discomfort can cause embarrassment. Breast motion is hard to reduce, as the breast does not contain strong intrinsic structural support. The primary supporting structures in the breasts are the Cooper’s ligaments. With secondary support only from the skin, these can easily be stretched if repeatedly loaded, as occurs during physical exercise. This can cause the breast to sag. It is therefore important to reduce breast movement to limit breast pain and irreversible stretch of the Cooper’s Ligaments.

If you are running twice a week ideally you need a couple of sports bras so theres always a clean one available and your not tempted to use an everyday bra instead. Currently M&S also have a large selection of sports bras at reasonable prices.

None of us are the same size, so one sports bra style wont work for everyone, so be prepared to try a few on, or call Less Bounce for telephone support to help you choose the right style and size.

Please, please protect your assets ladies.

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