Guy Fawkes 5 – Tewkesbury


A popular, friendly event starting from Tewkesbury School. Lots of parking and warm hall to collect numbers from. there is a short walk to get to the start, but this works well as it means the run starts from a quiet lane.

2014 was a lolly pop shaped route with the run beginning from the bottom of the lolly pop stick, run up to the top, round in a circle and then back down the stick to the finish at the bottom of the lane. There was a large number of women entered, and I might even go as far as saying it felt like there were more women than men this year.

The times of the first few over the finish line was very fast at under 30 mins, but there was a steady stream of runners after this and no large empty gaps so its a good event to watch or run. Great times from our LADY RUNNERs who ran this year and quite a few PB’s too!