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Cheltenham Half Marathon 2016

Lady Runner training is underway for Cheltenham’s Half Marathon of 2016.   Route change has left us feeling more positive about that racecourse!

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Stroud Trail (Half) Marathon

A well earned medal for all following what turned out to be a very tough 14.7 mile trail run! Beautiful views at the top of those steep hills though!

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Frampton on Severn 10k

No medals on this picturesque local 10k but a bottle of cider instead to ease the sore muscles!  This is a fairly flat PB route on a lovely summers evening.


LADY RUNNERS of Tewkesbury moves to winter venue

Starting Sunday 9th November 2014, the LADY RUNNERS of Tewkesbury will move to its winter venue at Tewkesbury School Sports Centre. We meet inside the Drama Hall, which is located off the smaller car...


LADY RUNNERS of Cheltenham launches today

LADY RUNNERS of Cheltenham group starts running tonight at 6.30pm. The legacy that Kerry Newell started in Cheltenham seven years ago lives on and is growing by week as more ladies take up running. We...

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10% Sports Bra Discount for LADY RUNNERS

No matter how big or small your boobs are a sports bra is a vital bit of equipment for ‘all’ ladies. As breast tissue will not bounce back to shape once stretched, its really...


Announcing LADY RUNNERS new leader… Dawn

We are pleased that Dawn has decided to join LADY RUNNERS of Tewkesbury as a Leader. She brings a wealth of running knowledge with her to the team, including training and running for a...