More information on our Beginners Running Courses


Running courses for the absolute beginner.

Who are the beginners courses for?

The course is aimed at ladies who have never run, or perhaps used to run but haven’t run for a while due to jobs, children or injury etc.  You might already be doing other sports or not exercising at all.  We cater for all levels however, we do ask that you are able to comfortably walk briskly for 30 minutes.

If you can already run 2+ miles you probably won’t need the course as we can merge you into one of our existing groups. If you’re at all unsure please contact us.

What does the Beginners course they cost?

The 10 week courses cost just £3.50 a session (£35 payable on week one for the 10 week course).

Who will teach me?

Tuition will be from our fully qualified and insured Run England Leaders Debbie,  Maria, Julie and Dawn.

What happens each week?

We will cover different elements to do with running each week including:

  • Stretching
  • Breathing and Pace
  • Safety while running
  • Cross Training
  • What to Wear
  • Health Benefits of Running
  • Running shoes
  • Eating and drinking for running
  • Avoiding injury
  • Setting Goals and running at events
What if I’m too slow?

Sessions are structured so that every lady is supported and no one is left behind.  We all progress at different paces so our sessions allow for this.  The club provides a structured and supportive environment to help you build your fitness and confidence.

What if its raining?

We run no matter what the weather.  Running in the rain really isn’t as bad as it might seem!

How do I know if I’m fit enough to join the beginners course?

The course pace will adapt to accommodate the abilities and fitness levels of all those on it.  However we do ask that you are able to comfortably walk briskly for 30 minutes.  Your health and well being is your responsibility, so if you are in any doubt please seek advice and reassurance from your GP before commencing the course.

What if my fitness level isn’t good enough yet?

We have helped many ladies find their running feet, so often its your ‘head’ not your body or fitness that’s holding you back. If you aren’t sure what you can do try going for a walk. As long as you can walk briskly for 30 mins you will be fine to start the course. Any walking you do in preparation for the starting the course will also help prepare your body, and be a gentle way to get you moving.

What about my weight, do I need to lose weight before I take up running?

Running is a great way to help gain fitness and manage your weight – however please seek medical advice if you are at all unsure.  Initially you may need to look at other less challenging exercises if your current weight could cause you an injury.  That said we have helped many ladies of all shapes and sizes learn to run safely – so please don’t exclude yourself just because you are overweight.

I am an experienced runner but I prefer to run in a group, can I join this course?

As this course is aimed at beginners and novice runners you would not need to join this particular course. However we’d love you to join one of our existing groups which will cater for your running level.

Who is responsible for my Health & Safety when participating on the course?

Reasonable measures are taken by our leaders to assess risks and hazards whilst out running, however you are responsible for your own Health and Safety when participating in these coaching sessions.

What if I can’t make all the sessions, will I get behind?

Whist each session is designed to accommodate new runners of all abilities, but as they are structured over ten weeks you will miss out if you don’t attend some of the sessions. The more sessions you attend the greater the fitness improvements you will experience, and the more enjoyable the course will be. However we appreciate that not everyone can be there for all 10 weeks so the leaders will do their best to let you know what you will miss so you can keep up to date.

What should I wear to the course?

We don’t expect you to go out and buy new clothing before the course. in fact we’d rather you used what you’ve already got. As you’ll get a much better idea of what you want to run in once you’ve actually started running.

Initially, it will be fine to wear loose fitting sports clothes such as comfortable shorts or track-suit bottoms, t-shirt or long sleeved top, and a light weight waterproof if needed.

You may want to look at running specific kit once you finish the course – we cover this in one of the sessions.

However a vital bit of kit that we do suggest you buy in advance is a sports bra. All ladies, or all sizes, should have a well supporting bra deigned for running. You don’t have to spend a fortune as many stores have a good range at sensible prices. For footwear, if you haven’t got running shoes but have some comfortable sports trainers you can manage with them initially as the first few weeks wont involve lots of running.

What happens after the 10 week course finishes?

On week 10 of the course all the ladies will complete their 3 mile graduation run. The week following graduation you can continue to run in the group with other other ladies as we have three groups going out each week to accommodate all levels. As your fitness and running ability continues to progress we can move you across the groups to keep you challenged and enjoying your running… and make way for new beginners.