A Lady Runners body



A female runner can expect to experience a range of sensations before, during and after a run. What follows, we hope, will let you know firstly you’re not alone and secondly help point you in the right direction about what to do to help.

We will be continuing to add to this section so it becomes a useful resource for all…. so if you are a LADY RUNNER and have any advise or stories you think might help others please email them to us via this link.

As soon as I started running (2013) the toenail on the toe next to my big one started to discolour and eventually went black.  This led to discomfort together with an unsightly toe nail and eventually losing the toe nail completely. The first thing I tried was changing my trainers and ended up wearing a pair a whole size bigger than non running shoes (sizing up your running shoes is recommended for all runners – see section on WHAT TO WEAR for more information on this) . This helped considerably but didn’t cure the problem because as soon as the toe nail grew back the process of it discolouring started again – and the pain after running was phenomenal. After taking further advise and examining my feet it transpired that as the toe in question is unusually longer than the big toe it is therefore taking more impact than it otherwise would. Then I found GelX All Gel Toe Cap. The difference was instant and completely amazing.  I have absolutely no toe pain after running now and the nail is healing quickly. (From Lady Runners Leader – Julie)

Having a sore bunion I now have the GelX bunion toe spreader on order. I will keep you posted on progress.